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Rio Tapered Trout leaders

Rio Tapered Trout leadersThe 9’ Rio tapered trout leaders have been in the Guide fly fishing range for a few years now, but for me the recent introduction of the 12’ leaders was long awaited.

Tying your fly straight to the end of this leader is fine but my preference, where conditions and surroundings allow tend to be towards a longer leader for most of my river dry fly fishing with fly’s in the 16 to 12 size, a length usually about 14′ to 15′ is good for me.

While adding a couple of feet of tippet to the 12’ leaders is ok, this for me leaves to long of a level section which can hinder turnover, so a slight rebuild of the front (fly) end helps me get a more positive and predictable turnover, and although a tight line on the river can often be detrimental because of problems with drag, adding a little slack to the system during the cast is my preferred method.

To rebuild the front end I tend to cut back a 12’, 6.4lbs tapered leader to approximately 8’6” or 0.24mm diameter, basically cutting of a tiny bit of taper and the level section at the front, then add 12 inches of 8.2 lbs (0.20mm), and 18 inches of 6.4lbs(0.18mm) these additions are made with Rio Powerflex tippet material, then the final tippet is made from 2’6” of 4.7lb Rio Suppleflex, this as the name suggests is a really supple tippet material which helps to minimise any drag or unnatural movement of the fly, then if i need to go finer i simply cut the 4.7lb back to 12″ and add 2’6″ of a lighter breaking strain.

This leader coupled with the Moss colour Rio Gold or the Rio windcutter2 fly line in a 4 or 5 weight is my setup for river dry fly fishing this season.

Post by Tony Riley – http://www.flyfishinginstruction.co.uk/

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