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Vision Switch

I like many others was sceptical of the modern switch rods, but after using them for just over 12 months they now make up a serious part of my armoury, and my go to rods for small and medium sized rivers, as well as low water. The Vision VSS4117  has the performance to go with […]

2011 The season so far ! – Rio Masters

The long anticipated new season is finally here; and our lads have been out in force since the opening weekend; continuing their impressive form from last season that culminated in a Silver Medal in the Lexus European Fly-Fishing Championships. April 1st saw the team descend en-mass to Rutland for the opening day extravaganza. Favourable conditions […]

Method of the Month

The warm start to the season has been a welcome one. Not only does it make the fishing more enjoyable for us as anglers; it also provides us with a hatch or two. This has been especially true on the Midlands reservoirs where buzzers have been the approach for many anglers. A simple set up […]